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#1: What Sellers Want in a Realtor: Find a Buyer

What Sellers Want from Their Real Estate Agent

In my blog post from a few weeks ago (Click here to view previous blog) we learned from an article in what Sellers Want from their Real Estate Agent.  Here if my perspective, as the part of the "agent".

#1:  Find a Buyer for Their Home:  Helping find them a buyer was, as we might have assumed, the top requirement of sellers, with 28% placing this as their top concern. This tells you that your marketing plan and media are quite important to your prospective listing clients.

My question to sellers who are currently on the market in the North Okanagan is:  Why did you choose YOUR Realtor?  I find it amazing that I hear from many Sellers that they chose their Realtor "because the commission was lower".  Really? So if finding a buyer for a Seller's home is the most important requirement when hiring a Realtor - should the most important thing be how much you pay or how much you net at the end? 

There are many business models out there - right from the minimum service "mere posting" which includes your listing posted on the MLS (period, that's it), to full service real estate such as what RE/MAX Vernon offers.  It stands to reason that these different business models would have varying degrees of costs of doing business, and as a result, have varying degrees of fees charged to the home seller. 

In my opinion, and what I have seen in my 18 years in the business here in the Okanagan - you get what you pay for.  I have seen many reduced commission companies go out of business over the years, they come and they go.  This is not a new concept.  It's just more in the forefront right now due to the recent Competition Bureau decision allowing anyone with a real estate license to post listings of people's homes on the MLS even if the licensee doesn't do anything more than sign a contract.

At the end of the day, a full-service agent will always net their seller a higher price than one who offers a minimum service because that's what they're in the business of doing. they are in the business of finding buyers for their inventory.  And just like any successful business, sometimes it takes money to make money.  Some things just never change.*

So if your top priority is finding a buyer for your home, in my opinion you should call a full service realtor.  I just happen to know one!

Stay Tuned for my unplugged Analysis of Reason #2!

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