Bella Vista/Adventure Bay

Bella Vista includes  manTeam at the Risey Vernon BC homes both older and new enjoying full valley views of the City of Vernon, across the valley to The Commonage and Okanagan Landing neighbourhoods, and of course the spectacular view down Okanagan Lake towards Carrs Landing and the beginnings of Adventure Bay which borders Bella Vista on the north side.

Adventure Bay includes homes with views across the lake to the Westside and Eastside, enjoying not only spectacular lakeviews but beautiful sunsets as well.

Real Estate Info:

The residential real estate market in the Bella Vista and Adventure Bay areas consists of single family homes, both lakeview and non-lakeview plus various strata developments:  one apartment building plus many townhome developments. 

Apartments/Townhomes – $200,000 – $540,000+
Single Family Homes - $320,000 – $3,000,000+

Canadian Lakeview Estates is a grouping of North Okanagan communities in the area which enjoy not only spellbinding views of Okanagan Lake in complete splendour, but also have private beaches reserved for the residents and their guests.

The largest developments occuring are world-class golf resort The Rise, Adventure Bay on Okanagan Lake, Lakeridge Estates and Canadian Lakeview Estates. 


Bella Vista is the scenic hillside above Okanagan Lake with panoramic views on the north side. Bella Vista Road is the main road through the neighbourhood and comes directly from Downtown Vernon . Bella Vista Road is literally the high road leaving downtown neighbourhoods and rises quickly above South Vernon and Okanagan Landing neighbourhoods to travel along the north side of Okanagan Lake. Tronson Road is parallel below Bella Vista Road and it travels along the waterfront. 

Adventure Bay lies at the end of Tronson Road, at the geographical point on the North end of Okanagan Lake where it splits into two arms.


Bella Vista Road is the main trunk for area residents including those in Adventure Bay to travel to downtown Vernon.

The Canadian Lakeview Estates area includes a shared beach for the community residents  complete with dock and boat launch.  There are also a number of public lake access points and boat launches on Tronson Road.

Attractions & Area Links:

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There are currently no schools built in these areas, however school children are currently bussed to Okanagan Landing Elementary and Clarence Fulton Secondary

**Disclaimer: Prices are approximate, taken from MLS Listings in February, 2011.  For a detailed list of prices or homes for sale in the area contact us.